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With more than thirteen years of dedicated experience in the debt collection industry, OCW is considered to be a true top performing agency. We offer aggressive pricing, superior customer services, and streamlined debt-collection solutions for all its clients. As our client, you can get seamless assistance on your past-due debtor accounts, execute skip tracing and legal support.

  • No Collection. No Fees.
  • Increase your Recoveries
  • Maximize your Cashflows
  • Save on New Hire Cost and Benefits
  • Unlock your Wealth
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Our Services

At OCW, we go the extra mile to deliver you exceptional debt collection and recovery services.

Collection Litigation

If we consider an account suit worthy, we cohesively forward that particular account to a dedicated collection law firm for litigation processes. We provide legal forwarding and contingent legal collection efforts prior to actual litigation filing.

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Professional Skip Tracing

We are linked to the same database that is used by law enforcement and the FBI. We can find almost anyone in a matter of seconds and even obtain their date of birth, social security number, and other vital info1mation that helps us to locate the debtor. We perform skip-tracing daily on collection files that are placed with our firm, and the costs are not passed onto you. It is merely the cost of doing business for our firm. To collect effectively, skip-tracing and investigations are always necessary. We can investigate enterprises as well to determine if they have lawsuits, liens, judgments, and UCC filings.

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Credit Analysis

We exponentially increase your recoveries while maximizing your overall cashflows. Our credit analysis services, combined with customizable recovery programs, help clients meet their requirements effortlessly. Our professionals are trained to gather and analyze information to formulate a plan to attempt to resolve the problems of non-payment intelligently.

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Our Top Performer – Some Insights

  • Due to Juanita’s persistence in finding a good contact, she was able to collect 2015-2018 invoices issued to Middle River Aircraft that the previous Collectors were not able to collect.
  • She was able to detect fraud and saved her clients thousands of dollars while working in the banking industry.
  • Juanita has tons of experience working with government accounts.

Her Favorite Quote – The things we are seeking are also seeking us.

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    As your strategic partner in accounts receivable and debt management, we are always there to assist you.

    What is a License Collection Agency?

    Debt collection companies specialize in accounts receivable management. Whenever commercial transactions take place, there is a debtor (the individual or entity that owes money) and a creditor (the individual or entity to whom money is owed). Collection agencies specialize in finding and negotiating with consumers and, in the event that the consumer refuses or is unable to pay, going through the legal process to ensure that a judgment is awarded and the creditor receives compensation from the consumer in so much as it is possible.

    What are Licensing and Bonding Requirements?

    Licensing requirements, bonding requirements, and the associated fees vary by state, which makes for a complicated landscape if you’re a collection agency trying to get started. Companies must comply with the requirements for the state(s) in which they practice.

    What is Skip-Tracing?

    Skip tracing is a tool collection agency uses to locate the financial information and contact information of a subject. A right collections agency has access to database information that allows them to find debtors that have relocated without furnishing a forwarding address. Skip tracing is highly relevant if you’ve been attempting to contact the debtor and have been routinely ignored.

    What does the word ‘Subrogation’ mean?

    Subrogation is a synonym for “substitution.” In legal parlance, it refers to the right of one party (typically an insurance company) to pay the obligation of a second party and then subsequently to collect from a third party (the debtor) after the fact.

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